As a parent, you are the first line of defense against your child’s drug use. “A Parents Guide to Prevention” published by the US Department of Education says:

“If your child is using drugs, it is important to avoid blaming yourself for the problem and to get whatever help is needed to stop your child’s use. If you face the problem promptly, there’s a good chance your child can be helped.”

Discuss drug use with your children and establish family rules. It is extremely important to establish a clear “no drugs” mandate and to make sure it’s communicated clearly to your children.

Impose whatever course of discipline your family has decided on for violating the rules and stick to it. Don’t relent because your child promises never to do it again.”

You have the tools available to give you a “fighting chance” against your child’s potential drug use. But you must remember, your child is subject to enormous peer pressures and your stand must be tough and unequivocal. Drug use in any form, including marijuana, should NEVER be tolerated.